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Custom made high quality luxury cosmetics and ceramics of your dreams is just a wish away.

Imagine a piece of top quality cosmetics such as bath salt, luxury artisan soap, night cream or other body care and SPA-products specially considering your aroma preferences, skin type and needs. Imagine a body care products close to haute couture with every silhouette conveying a sense of magic and references to Nordic nature, purest herbals and top quality. Imagine a body care product what is in same time efficient and pure, luxurious and beautiful – an amazing opportunity for those who are only satisfied with the best.
This is called a Elisheva & Shoshana Cosmetics

Imagine a piece of art so extravagant and beautiful only a few chosen ones in the world can actually have.
This is called a Elisheva & Shoshana Pottery

We are committed to excellence, uniqueness and creativity. We do not offer you limited editions, we offer you absoulute uniqueness – only one product (custom made for you) in the world! Schedule an online appointment with us to create casa product such as a pottery, plate or vase of a lifetime, starting from your choice of color(s), size and initials designed and sculptured by Elisheva & Shoshana specially for you.

E&S wants to share autism awareness and change attitudes towards disability, specially we want to rise awareness about special needs and disability among children. Therefore we created E&S Foundation and 8% of our VIP revenue is directed to support awareness and giving back.

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