Easy Hanukkah crafts to make with kids

Easy Hanukkah crafts to make with kids

The following Hanukkah projects are super easy & fun for even the most craft-phobic of moms and require very little skills:

✡ Felt wreath
Wrap yarn around a floral wreath frame to create a “base,” then embellish with easy-to-make felt flowers.  Kids will love making their own Hanukkah wreath and hanging it outside to welcome guests.
Hanukkah wreath

✡ Paper top dreidels & Felt dreidel ornaments
Make a traditional spinning top out of everyday materials. With as few items as a toothpick, some glue and a strip of paper, friends and family will be twirling in no time. Print out DIY paper-dreidel  I made with Estella Elisheva for Tallinn Jewish School and Yeladim Center and color/decorate as desired! It’s easy and fun!

Homemade menorah/hanukkiah
Hanukkah is celebrated each year to share the story of a miracle and to rejoice in the Jewish faith. The candles that are lit throughout the eight days are held in a menorah. Families pass down these important objects from generation to generation as heirlooms…. But for a kids, nothing compares to the delight of using a hanukkiah that you made together.

✡ Here are some ideas for menorahs you can make with your kids:
a)Make an edible menora

b)Make a polymer clay (Sculpey) menora.  Check out some craft clay design books for ideas.

c)Make a dreidel menorah – Buy inexpensive wooden dreidels, remove the top handles and screw or glue metal candle cups on top of each one to simulate a handle.

d)Make a felt menora – if you have children too young to safely light a real menorah, create a felt one for them!

e)Create an outdoor tiki torch menorah – Tradition says that it is a mitzvah to advertise the miracle by making the menorah as visible as possible.  With that idea in mind, make a really big hanukkiah that sits on your front lawn without creating a fire hazard by using 9 ordinary tiki torches.

I also made one hanukkiah with Estella Elisheva. She took it at school with her. I’ll post the picture once it is back at home 🙂

✡ Chag Sameach!
Дорогие родители! Мы будем собирать на этой страничке интересные идею для творчества, различные задумки для поделок и информацию о том, как способствовать развитию талантов и умений малыша. Просим вас делиться результатами и хвастаться поделками!!!

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