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1. Viability of terms of sale
1) Terms of sale are viable in interactions between ElishevaShoshana.com website shopper (hereinafter Customer) and the entrepreneur NordenBladet Ltd (hereinafter ElishevaShoshana.com) upon purchase of goods and services.
2) Additionally to the current conditions, the regulatory context of legal relations in the frame of ElishevaShoshana.com web shopping will be furnished by the following laws that are in effect in the Republic of Estonia: the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter võlaõigusseadus, VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter tarbijakaitseseadus, TKS), and others.
3) ElishevaShoshana.com reserves the right to make amendments in the terms of sale. Those amendments will be reflected on ElishevaShoshana.com website.

2. Pricelist
1) The tariffs of the products available for sale are price-tagged on the product info field. All prices indicated on the website are in Euros. ElishevaShoshana.com webshop indicates full prices and the value added tax 20% will not be added to the already indicated sum.
2) Purchase price will be additionally combined with transportation cost, based on destination country of the Customer and the selected means of delivery.
3) Delivery of the product by courier within the borders of Estonia will cost 7.00 euros. ElishevaShoshana.com reserves the right to select the company that offers courier service.
4) The prices will be valid from the time of completing the order until the expiry of payment deadline (7 days after completion of the order).
5) In case the order has been completed in between the time when terms of sale or tariffs are changed, then the Customer and ElishevaShoshana.com will continue the transaction based on conditions that were valid at the commencement time of the transaction.
6) ElishevaShoshana.com reserves the right to modify sales prices. The corresponding amendments will be reflected on ElishevaShoshana.com website.

3. Completion of the order
1) Add selected products to our electronic shopping cart (🛒).
2) To complete the order, all the required info fields are to be filled, and the suitable means of product delivery is to be indicated. This being done, the total sum of your transaction will be displayed on the screen, and safe payment will be available via the following channels:

Web links to Estonian banks pages: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank
Web links to Finnish banks pages: Aktia, Ålandsbanken, Danske, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästopankki, Pohjola, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästopankki
Web links to Latvian banks pages: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele and Luminor
Visa/Mastercard credit card payments

NB: Upon choosing payment via bank link, after the payment always click the button “Back to merchant”.

Payments will be mediated by Maksekeskus AS. Payment will be finalized outside the Webshop platform – upon payment via bank link in the respective bank environment, and upon payment with credit card in the Payments Centre Ltd environment. The salesperson will not have access to Customer’s bank and credit card info. The agreement will be in effect from the point in time when the sums to be covered have been transferred to the bank account of the Webshop.
3) Carefully fill in the text fields on the data page and confirmation of order page, because the accuracy and exactness of the presented info will directly influence the swift and uninhibited delivery of the purchased products, as well as the settling of later claims and complaints.
4) Orders completed in ElishevaShoshana.com webshop will be processed from Monday to Thursday from 12.00 noon to 16.00pm. When the order has been completed on a Thursday after 14.00pm, then that order will be processed on the upcoming Monday.
5) Should it happen that the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to respective products being fully sold out, or due to other reasons, then the Customer will be accordingly notified at earliest possibility, and payment that has already been completed will be immediately and fully refunded, including possible shipping costs, however no later than within 14 days from the time when the notification was sent.
6) Delivery time: we will indicate the approximate delivery time (the standard time as well as the upper maximum duration), that has been made known to us by Estonian post office and our local supply chain partners; this time may be extended due to reasons other than ElishevaShoshana.com webshop activities. On our side, we offer our best effort to deliver the purchased products to the Customer at maximum fluency.

We have affiliations mainly in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, however you are welcome to complete orders across the globe.
*Estonia 1-5 working days.
*Scandinavia/Northern countries/Baltic countries/European Union : 3-14 working days.
*Anywhere around the world: 9-45 working days.

4. The taking effect of the sales agreement
1) With the product sales agreement, ElishevaShoshana.com agrees to hand over to the Customer the currently existing product, the product currently being created, or the product that will be owned by ElishevaShoshana.com at a point in time in the future, and make available the transfer of the Goods to the Customer. The Customer will be responsible for timely payment of sums for the Goods indicated on the invoice, and for receiving the respective Goods.
2) The orders that have not been duly paid for, will be annulled after 7 days have passed from the time of submitting the order.
3) The sales agreement will be in effect starting from the point in time when the payment is visible on ElishevaShoshana.com banking account.

5. Delivery
1) After the entering into force of the sales agreement, ElishevaShoshana.com will compile packages of the ordered goods, and will hand them over to the entrepreneur’s logistics partners ((DPD, Itella SmartPost, Omniva) for delivery.
2) The standard time periods for delivery, as indicated on ElishevaShoshana.com web page, will apply to orders that have been duly paid for, beginning from the moment in time when the payment is visible on ElishevaShoshana.com banking account.
3) To avoid delay in delivery, one must remember to be accurate and enter only truthful and up to date data about delivery details upon completing the order.
4) ElishevaShoshana.com is not held responsible for any delay in the delivery in case the Goods were handed over to logistics partners well in time, but delivery is postponed due to circumstances not likely to be foreseen by or not under the control of web shop ElishevaShoshana.com capacity.
5) ElishevaShoshana.com is not held responsible for and is not obliged to compensate for the indirect losses (missing gain, contractual penalties, etc.) and the damage that may befall third parties, stemming from: change in supply conditions and/or supply deadlines, product faults/product unsuitability, transportation damage, inavailability of product replacement, end of delivery opportunities, or other reasons not dependant on action by ElishevaShoshana.com.

6. Right to return
1) According to VÕS paragraph 56 section 1, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days.
2) According to VÕS paragraph 53 section 4, the VÕS does not apply to goods that were created based on Customer’s individual needs, and that were produced based on conditions set by the Customer.
3) The product to be returned must be intact, in original packaging, undamaged, unused.
4) Costs of return will be covered by the customer (max 10EUR, see VÕS §194 s4), except for occasions when the reason for return is disparity of the received product from what has been ordered, or spoilage of product.
5) To return the product, please submit return-of-product application via email to <info@elishevashoshana.com> within 14 days from the time of receiving the product. Return-of-product application must contain the following information: name of Customer, number of the order, title of product, and reason for return.
6) When the Customer decides to withdraw from the agreement, the already completed payment will be refunded without delay, but no later than within 14 days from the notification arriving to ElishevaShoshana.com website.
7) The Customer must return the product immediately, again no later than within 30 days from the time the withdrawal application was sent.

7. Responsibility and force majeure
1) ElishevaShoshana.com is not held responsible for the loss that may befall the Customer, or for the delay in the delivery of the product, should the damage or delay emerge from circumstances outside the capacity of control of ElishevaShoshana.com, as well as circumstances that could not have been foreseen.
2) ElishevaShoshana.com will be responsible to the Customer, and in return the Customer will be responsible to ElishevaShoshana.com for the damage caused to the counterpart due to violation of the current conditions, in the concrete cases and in the extent indicated in the laws that are in effect in the Republic of Estonia.

8. Processing of personal data
1) The Customer will render upon visiting ElishevaShoshana.com website and e-shop, the right to collect and process the Customer’s personal data (name, contact phone number, home address/address to which the package will be delivered, electronic post address), and convey of these data to the logistics partners for the purpose of delivery of the Goods. Personal data will be collected, processed, and recorded by the responsible data controller NordenBladet OÜ (registration code 14186149, address Murimäe Road 20, Jälgimäe village, Saku district, Estonia). For payment transaction purposes, we convey necessary personal details to authorized data controller in Maksekeskus AS.
2) ElishevaShoshana.com has the right to use the Customer’s location address for personal advertisement and information sharing purposes directed to the Customer.
3) The Customer has at any time the right to prohibit the collection and use of their personal data, except for cases when this is inevitable according to the enforcement of the agreement’s requirements, or for the product delivery purposes.

9. Conditions for submitting complaints
1) ElishevaShoshana.com is responsible for the cases when the products that were sold to the Customer do not comply to sales conditions and have deficiencies that become apparent within two years from the time the product was handed over to the Customer.
2) The Customer has the right, upon discovering faults in the product, to turn to ElishevaShoshana.com within two months the latest, presenting the invoice based on which the purchase sums of the product were covered.
3) Upon discovering a fault in the product, the use of the product is to be discontinued.
4) Replacement of a spoilage product will be agreed upon between the Customer and ElishevaShoshana.com. Replacement costs will be covered by ElishevaShoshana.com.
5) ElishevaShoshana.com is not responsible for any faults in the product that have been caused by the Customer, due to incorrect storage of the product or due to non-purposeful use of the product.
6) Upon discovering a spoilage product, please submit your claims and complaints via email address <info@elishevashoshana.com>, indicating the name of the Customer, contact telephone number, product order number, and exact description of the violation of conditions or the exact description of spoilage.
7) The claims and complaints regarding spoilage of products must be submitted within two months from the discovery of the spoilage of the products.
8) All claims and complaints will be carefully processed, and the Customer will be contacted at earliest convenience, however no later than within 14 days from the point in time when the claim or complaint arrived.
9) The Customer has the right to request discount for a product from ElishevaShoshana.com, or the closing of the agreement and the refund of the ordered goods, when ElishevaShoshana.com is incapable of mending or replacing the goods, when the mending or replacing of the goods is not successful, or when ElishevaShoshana.com has not eliminated the shortcomings in the goods within a reasonable time period or has caused to the Customer unjustified inconvenience.

10. The Customer’s right to turn to Customer Complaints Committee (tarbijakaebuste komisjon)
1) When ElishevaShoshana.com has refused to settle a complaint submitted by the Customer, or when the Customer does not agree to the solution offered by ElishevaShoshana.com, and finds that their rights have been violated or their interests have been compromized, then the Customer may choose to file a complaint to Customer Complaints Committee (tarbijakaebuste komisjon) via Customer Protection Board (Tarbijakaitseamet), or to the court of law. The Customer may file the complaint individually, or the complaint may be filed on behalf of the Customer by a representative. Customer Protection Board’s committee contacts have been made available on Customer Protection Board’s website; for problematic cases in the European Union member states that request intervention, please turn to European Union’s Customer Councelling Centre.

11. Other conditions
1) All ElishevaShoshana.com photos and text materials are protected by the Copyright law (Autoriõiguse seadus).
2) The possible disagreements and controversies evolving from fulfilling the conditions currently described, will first of all be settled in negotiations between the counterparts. When the disputes stemming from the Agreement remain unsolved in mutual negotiations, the sides maintain the right to turn to court.