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The current Privacy Policy regulates on the web environment the principles of collecting, processing and storing of personal data. Personal data is collected, processed and preserved by the responsible for processing personal data, private limited company NordenBladet OÜ (hereinafter data controller). We give our best to protect the privacy of our clients and avoid disturbing the clients with marketing activities.

Data controller will process data from clients and website guests for the purpose of product marketing and in order to guarantee best service for webstore clients. The data controller will reserve the right to share personal data with third parties such as authorized data controllers, accountants, transportation and courier enterprises, and transfer service providers. To complete the payment, we convey the necessary personal data to our authorized controller – Maksekeskus AS.

Personal data that is collected, processed and stored by data controller, is gathered electronically (mainly via website and electronic mail) as well as on paper (i.e. during fairs). Upon delivering the personal data the client gives the right to the data controller to collect, organise, use and administer personal data, as determined in Privacy Policy, that the data subjects or clients themselves directly or indirectly share while shopping for goods and services on the website. Clients will be responsible for presenting data that is exact, correct, and complete. Submitting incorrect data intentionally will be regarded as violation of the Privacy Policy. The client is obliged to promptly notify the data controller about change in data that has been submitted. The data controller will not be responsible for occasions when the inaccurate data submitted by the client causes damage to clients themselves or to third parties.

The data controller may collect, process and preserve the following personal data of clients:

First name and surname;
Date of birth;
Telephone number;
E-mail address;
Destination address;
Bank account number;
Credit card details.

Besides the aforementioned, the data controller may collect data about the clients that is openly accessible in public registers.

The data controller will preserve data subject’s data, based on the purpose of processing, however no longer than 7 years. The data controller reserves the right to partially or completely change the data protection conditions, informing the client about the change in Privacy Policy via the website .

When you have already submitted your contact details upon purchasing from the webstore, and for some reason the transaction is not finalized, then we can contact you regarding that particular transaction in order to solve it. You may receive an automatic message about it, containing a brief solution about how to complete the transaction.

Personal data can be accessed and corrections can be made to the online store’s user profile. If the purchase has been made without a user account, personal data can be accessed via customer support (customer support e-mail:

The purpose of the newsletter is to announce the news about E&S activities to our clients that show interest towards such news. Receiving the newsletter will place the client in a privileged position, regarding discounts and unique offers.
The newsletter will only be distributed to consenting individuals. Consent will have been sought via the website, when the client has entered their email address to the special field, approved of such option in the webstore (by checking a respective box) or has consented on paper at an on-site event.
We closely follow the presence of consent, yet we cannot completely prevent the scenario when someone has submitted a third person’s email or when there is an accidental typo in the entered information. The name and email of those that have subscribed for the newsletter will be used to distribute advertisements-announcements.
It is possible to easily and at any time unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter. To do so, one must click on the link in the email, or notify us about such a wish in a different way.

On our website we use cookies technology, which records the IP address of the client as well as visiting statistics (session and set cookies). These data are not personalized and do not make offers based on those data.
Our websites use cookies also from third parties such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc. When you share something from our site to social media, then the service provider of social media may save a cookie to your browser.
You will be able to reject cookies anytime, by changing the settings of the browser. Similarly, you will be able to delete cookies that have already been saved.

Visiting websites may affect the advertisements redirected to you from other environments in the future – this is due to having consented to ads within the corresponding environment, which now is the source sending the ads, for example environments like Facebook or Google. In such cases, Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) will not see nor use data collected by those environments, but may however buy ads via those environments, which eventually reach you.