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Concert @ Jewish School in Tallinn (March 2014/Adar 5774)

Estella Elisheva Pärn (1A Class @ Tallinna Juudi Kool/Таллиннская еврейская школа) Photos: © Elisheva & Shoshana  (אלישבע & שושנה) /Helena-Reet Ennet More pictures: Праздник азбуки, 2014 http://www.jkool.tln.edu.ee/pildigalerii/1852 Tallinna Juudi Kooli talendid, 2014 http://www.jkool.tln.edu.ee/pildigalerii/1850

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Preparing for Hanukkah: Colour your Hanukkah card & make you own holiday dreidel

Hanukkah arts and crafts for children by “Elisheva & Shoshana”! Colour your own Hanukkah card and make you own holiday dreidel: Step1: Save the picture and Print it out (A4) (vol1: If you are in Israel), Step2: Colour, Step3: Cut

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