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PRODUCT development – which design would you choose?

Please help me to decide!!! Here are three drafts for our new E&S product. Already in January we´ll add Magnesium Chloride products to our product range. Here I made some design samples to our Magnesium Chloride Natural STRONG 47% bath

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Creative workspaces – Many bloggers, many work spaces! Gallery!

Your workspace should be the place you can go to to get your creative juices flowing & be at your most productive. Too often, people are working in an uninspiring, lifeless environment that only stunts their creativity. Here are some

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Creative Workspaces: Anna Graham’s sewing space

I’ve run across many blogs and besides interesting craft ideas, one of my favourite thing is posts about one’s working space. As a cleaning/organizing enthusiast I love to see other people homes, handicraft offices or little boutiques with connected working-selling

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Free pattern maker: Cross stitch picture or photo based patterns!

It’s easy and free to convert any photo, sketch, drawing, or other image into a cross stitch pattern. Photo cross stitches make fun projects, impressive gifts, and unique keepsakes. Make cross stitches based on children’s drawings, vacation photos, famous works

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