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Step into a world where LUXURY MEETS PURITY, where the essence of nature is encapsulated in every soap bar

Embrace the Aura of Luxury and experience the enchanting world of Elisheva & Shoshana’s handmade soaps. Experience the transformative power of handmade soaps by Elisheva & Shoshana, an Estonian brand renowned for crafting exquisite products that bring a good aura

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Ceramics by Helena-Reet Ennet – Custom made soap dish

We sell hand made high quality artisan soaps with the purest and best ingredients, which pampers you and your baby. But some of them may not know, that we also sell high quality custom made ceramics. All 100% handmade, all

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It´s dandelion a o´clock!

Today was a wonderful weather, and as the dandelions are already blooming beautifully, I decided pick them up. Dandelion is a powerful plant, which I collect every year. I eat it raw (roots, stalks, leaves and flowers) and I also

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Elisheva & Shoshana´s one big goal is to bring people closer to nature!

We´ve had this Elisheva & Shoshana blog with my kids several years, but we have been quite quiet in social media (except Twitter which we used years as our main and only social media channel for E&S blog). How crazy

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