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Yarns and qualities

There are million beautiful and exclusive yarns in the world. Just pick your favourite! I love to mix quality yarns with effect yarns. I am glad to knit you your very own hat or/and scarf. Please note that the knitting

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Creative workspaces – Many bloggers, many work spaces! Gallery!

Your workspace should be the place you can go to to get your creative juices flowing & be at your most productive. Too often, people are working in an uninspiring, lifeless environment that only stunts their creativity. Here are some

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Creative Workspaces: Anna Graham’s sewing space

I’ve run across many blogs and besides interesting craft ideas, one of my favourite thing is posts about one’s working space. As a cleaning/organizing enthusiast I love to see other people homes, handicraft offices or little boutiques with connected working-selling

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Inspiration: Hand-sewn bags by Anna Graham

Another amazing handicraft blog I have found.. A blog by Anna Graham (! All her pics are like from fairytales — lovely, thought through and cute! I enjoyed the blog a lot and were inspired by it. As a mother

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Inspiration: Quilting by Wendy

Gallery via: Snippets of a Quilter (Handmade by Wendy from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada)  

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Creative pet design ideas: Knitted clothes for cats & dogs

Do pets need clothes? Yes! Cats and small dogs also get cold and there is no harm to make a cute warm outfit for your pet. Cats & dogs are born equipped with their own fur layer, but some pets

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Inspiration: Embroidery by Molly

Lale designed by Pelin Tezer Debbie Draper Design Pictures via

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Inspiration: Embroidery by Points Croisés (Vol2)

Pictures via Points Croisés (

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Inspiration: Embroidery by Points Croisés (Vol1)

Pictures via Points Croisés ( Art design by: Mirabilia/Nora Corbett

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