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IDEA: Ivanka Shoshana´s art exhibition: Her handmade ceramics + oil paintings

Today we come out with a brand new inspiration idea – what about Ivanka Shoshana´s (11) personal art exhibition?! I believe that this is a great idea! There are very many disabled kids in the world and mothers, who have

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#9 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Luxury”, July 2019

This is my new acrylic painting (dimensions 30x40cm) called Luxury. I really love it and can´t wait to find a beautiful frame to it. In the other hand, I have so many paintings that probably it will be easier to

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#3 Paintings by Ivanka Shoshana: “Estella Elisheva on the beach”, June 2019

Yesterday Ivanka Shoshana (11) asked me – can she paint?! It was late and I said that, let´s paint tomorrow. She went directly to bed, although it wasn´t so late.. (if you go early to bed, tomorrow comes quicker.. hehe)

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#3 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet – “Childhood”, May 2019

Such a beautiful day today.. Sun is shining and birds are singing in my beautiful garden. I love to live in the countryside – everything is so peaceful and beautiful – my garden is truly like a fairy tale! Apple

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#2 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Kronoberg”, May 2019

I´m fond of South Sweden and my one of my dreams is to spend more time there. I love sparsely populated country side places, where are more nature than humans. I’m a relatively big hermit in my soul. As this

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#1 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Nordic forest & folklore”, May 2019

I found a huge plywood piece (37x197cm) from my garage and I thought to illustrate it. It was a lot of fun! I put some symbols inside the painting as well – some national patterns (this kind of national belts

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