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#26 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “His Highness Mouse the First” (series – painting nr.10), November 2020

Ten mouse paintings are ready! Uh-huuuh … Can you remember, at first I thought I’d make a total of 12 paintings. Then some time later I thought I would paint 36 of them. I’m not sure if I can do

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#23 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “The tree of Wishes”, October 2020

I have recently been working on a mouse series  (already seven paintings of “His Highness Mouse the First” are ready, see HERE). I started painting “The Tree of Wishes” already in September, while I was painting my painting “Chaos” (see

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#13 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Orange roses”, December 2019

This time I had no inspiration pictures and actually I had no desire to draw. I thought that it is over three months I haven´t done any paintings so I first forced myself. But as soon as I started I

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#9 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Luxury”, July 2019

This is my new acrylic painting (dimensions 30x40cm) called Luxury. I really love it and can´t wait to find a beautiful frame to it. In the other hand, I have so many paintings that probably it will be easier to

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#7 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Somewhere in Scandinavia”, June 2019

New day, new painting – it´s 7th acrylic painting for a lifetime! I started painting this May, and I’m fascinated with painting right now. Certainly I can call it a new hobby (a longer blog about my hobbies HERE)! I

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#1 Paintings by Ivanka Shoshana: “Ivanka and dad”, June 2019

This is Ivanka Shoshana´s (11) very first acrylic painting (dimensions 30x40cm). She called it “Ivanka and dad”. Earlier this day she went with dad to listen pianists Vitalij Neugasimov and Diana Kiivit at Saku Music School. When they return, me

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#5 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Huginn”, May/June 2019 + HIDDEN SURPRISE!

Hi loves.. My acrylic painting “Huginn” is finally ready. And.. I have a surprising fact for you about this picture. This painting symbolizes the sun´s journey (sunrise and sunset) and what you can see in the final picture is sunset

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#4 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet: “Syringa vulgaris”, May 2019 + 2 step by step tutorial videos “How to draw Lilacs”!

Once I start painting, it´s difficult to stop. Made another beautiful painting, inspired by my own lilacs… Garden is so beautiful and I took some of the lilacs inside. There´s no better place like home! This painting is smaller though.

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#3 Paintings by Helena-Reet Ennet – “Childhood”, May 2019

Such a beautiful day today.. Sun is shining and birds are singing in my beautiful garden. I love to live in the countryside – everything is so peaceful and beautiful – my garden is truly like a fairy tale! Apple

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