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IDEA: Ivanka Shoshana´s art exhibition: Her handmade ceramics + oil paintings

Today we come out with a brand new inspiration idea – what about Ivanka Shoshana´s (11) personal art exhibition?! I believe that this is a great idea! There are very many disabled kids in the world and mothers, who have

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Ivanka Shoshana: New handmade clay bowls and OOTD 09102019

Today Ivanka Shoshana didn´t went to school, instead of that she had a one on one private ceramic lesson and in the afternoon we´ll go to SPA. She studied a new technique today, how to make a pattern with crocheted

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Ceramics by Helena-Reet Ennet – luxurious Versailles style sugar and salt bowls

Today I made luxurious Versailles style sugar and salt bowls (actually started with this custom order). Ceramics takes time – first you draw out or decide the design, then you´ll make it (in my case everything with hands, I don´t

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